Quality Policy
Potens commitment to providing our customers with an excellent product and has developed a Quality policy to make sure our customers can get a stable and high performance product.
We will follow below quality strategies to bring more happiness for customer, stockholder and employee

  • Providing under customer request product and service precise and understanding their expected.
  • Continuously maintain ISO9001 quality system and executive it in critical sales process and decision.
  • Ensured supply, subcontractor and cooperation partner follow quality request and realize quality most importance of total cost decisions and company credit.

Environment Policy
Potens commitment to providing our customers with an excellent product with no environmental impact has developed a Environment policy to achieve environmental protection and fill customers environment request.
Potens Semiconductor Corporation commits to maintain the environment and follow our environment policies as follows:

  • Resource management
    Perform routine suppliers audit and help suppliers to improve processes to be more beneficial to environment.
  • Reducing pollution and waste
    Implement waste reduction, recycle and energy saving plan
  • Continuing improvement and environmental protection
    Implement environment training and promotion activities to ensure every employee understand the importance of environment.

Potens has established an innovative and dynamic quality management system. As a result of this system we have attained and continued to maintain ISO 9000 certification.read more

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